Friday, October 8, 2010

Put a melon and some mushrooms on your head

Peaches Geldorf, Miley Cyrus, Mischa Barton, Fergie and other celebrities have given a new meaning to the bowler hat. It is one of the latest fashion items to be shown off with if you are a genuine rock chick. This ,not so long ago old-fashioned, hat may scream britishness but it has been a French firm, Hermès, who has made it chic this season.

Sadie, as usual, will help us to learn languages. The Spanish word for bowler hat is "bombin" or "sombrero hongo" which literally means "mushroom hat". Oh,yes, this is a genuine mushroom hat, Sadie.
In France the mushroom turns into a melon.
This is also a homage to Magritte and his paintings portraying men wearing bowler hats. Hope you have enjoyed this weird sweet and salted salad-post. Please remember that you can find Sadie & Gen in Spanish at:


Henar said...

I love it, I'd wear it, great post :)


Mai said...

hahah nice drawings!

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