Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Wizards of Autumn/Winter Fashi-OZ-n

The house whirled around two or three times and rose slowly through the air. Dorothy felt as if she were going up in a balloon. The unforgettable Dorothy and her dog Toto are carried off by a fierce tornado to a magical land. Fashion is also a cyclon that often transport us to unknown places and invites us to explore past times and even the future. I have drawn this 50´s style skirt, close-fitting jumper with v-neck, padded shoulders and lace trim thinking of a teenager Dorothy - Sadie. I have completed her look with a pair of red kitten heels with black ribbon. The little girl that you see up in the right corner is my aunt aged 7. She gave me "The Wizard of Oz" book which it became soon one of my childhood favorites tales.

"I'm not feeling well," said the Scarecrow, with a smile, "for it is very tedious being perched up here night and day to scare away crows."
Do you still think that knitwear is boring, predictable and granny-looking? This season trend will make you change your mind!

The greatest loss I had known was the loss of my heart. No one can love who has not a heart, and so I am resolved to ask Oz to give me one. Life is neither white nor black. Grey -in all shades - will reign this winter along with red. We´ll fall in love with both of them!

I have just fallen in love with this Kenzo kimono-jacket with tiny mirrors sewn on it.

The Krizia collection stands out for its luxury fabrics. This is what a modern and fashionable tin woman would wear to go to the Land of Oz.

The King of Beasts shouldn't be a coward. Neither a fashionista should be. It´s time to try out metallic make up, Brigitte Bardot 50´s hair style, animal print(again!) and fake fur garments such a gilet.

The Wizard of Oz appeared every time in a different form; once as a giant head, once as a beautiful fairy,... And so modern day fashion wizards do. Karl, John, Donna, Donatella, Jean Paul, Vivienne, ... It doesn´t matter who your favorite wizard is. One thing is for sure. The fashion cyclone will take you down to a magical world of new trends and surprises once again.

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