Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sadie and her muses: Alaska

Alaska is one of my favourite Spanish celebrities of all times. This Mexican-born singer became one  of the central characters of the so-called "Movida", a cultural movement that took place in Madrid the following years after the death of Franco. She has been in different music bands, perhaps the most successful one was Alaska y Dinarama or at least that´s the one that made me fell in love with her music. As a child I would admire Alaska as an artist but I apreciated the fact that she would always speak up for animals .So far, a few years ago she took her clothes off to appear in an ad against the cruel bullfighting. A multi-skilled artist, she has also worked as dj, TV star (she participated in "La Bola de Cristal"(the crystal ball") a legendary programme in the mid- 80´s and as an actress in the first of Almodovar´s films.

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Adnan said...

I like the pictures :)
It's great when a(/an) musician/model/athlete/celebrity also is a good person, (for example caring about the environment, human rights, animals) it kind of makes you love what the person does even more!

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